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The Fortuna boatbuilding factory was established in Sochi (Russian Federation) in 2018.
Despite its young age, our company is a confident and promising player in the Russian shipbuilding market, since it has a group of professional specialists in this field and colossal experience in shipbuilding.


Working production, dynamic development, expansion of the range of vessels and readiness to meet the most sophisticated wishes of our customers.


Our products are targeted at private and corporate clients, depending on their preferences. We are ready to discuss and offer luxury yachts and boats.


Our company is based on the idea of designing and mass production of high quality, safe and competitive products.

About company

Currently, Dutch specialists are engaged in the development of the concept, the design of all products is in the reliable hands of an Italian specialist, drawings, as well as calculations, are carried out by representatives of Australia and the Philippines, and work on molding, lamination and finishing of ships lies on the shoulders of workers from India and the Republic of Sri Lanka.

The first fruit of the joint work of the aforementioned team (on the territory of the Russian Federation) was the construction and subsequent launching (September 2019) of a 12-meter motor yacht with a center console and 600 hp outboards. Thus, the active promotion of our products on the Russian market was started, and that also served as the reason for a number of appeals to us from potential customers. Follow our company and you will be pleasantly surprised by its dynamic development, expansion of the range of vessels and readiness to answer the most sophisticated wishes of our customers.

Our products are aimed at private and corporate clients, depending on their preferences, specific vessel can be presented in the following modifications:

  • Excursion boat with a passenger capacity of 30 people
  • Parachute towing boat
  • Ambulance boat with the ability to install an intensive care unit
  • Family cruising cabin yacht
  • Emergency rescue boat with the ability to accommodate scuba divers
  • Patrol boat for the tasks of the Navy, the FSB Border Service and representatives of other law enforcement agencies

Head of Fortuna Yachts

How it all began

Back in 2005, the founder and general director of our enterprise, Alexander Yuryevich Muravitsky, organized the ADMIRAL YACHTS company (Dubai, UAE) with the main activities of the production, sale and operation of yachts and boats. As a result, on the basis of Arab shipyards, the experience of modern technologies was adopted and accumulated in the creation of design, engineering solutions and the very construction of luxury fiberglass yachts.

Alexander Yuryevich’s constant active participation in international yacht salons allowed us to attract the most creative, ambitious and passionate shipbuilders from around the world to our team.

Basic principles

Business concept

The Boatbuilding factory Fortuna in its activities adheres to the classic business concept, which contains the following basic principles:
• Business idea;
• Analysis of the sales market;
• Development of a financial plan for the project;
Our company is based on the idea of ​​designing and mass production of high quality, safe and competitive products. In this regard, we initially focused on the use of high quality, safe and environmentally friendly materials in the production of our luxury yachts and boats. At the same time, we are able to freely compete with both foreign and domestic yacht manufacturers, thanks to the existing infrastructure and established contacts with leading suppliers of consumables of Russian and foreign production.


Строительство яхт

Спроектированный нами универсальный корпус CALYPSO (Калипсо) V-образный (21градус) с наличием или отсутствием поперечных реданов позволяет нам говорить об эксклюзиве в линейке нашей продукции, поскольку яхтам в этом корпусе не страшны 100 мильные переходы по атоллам Мальдивских и Сейшельских островов, а его ходовые качества, протестированные в акватории Черного моря, привели в изумление и восторг местных специалистов.

Отдельно хотелось бы подчеркнуть и о строгом соблюдении нами всей технологической цепочки в процессе производства, что подтверждается наличием на всю выпускаемую продукцию соответствующих документов в виде Свидетельства Российского Морского Регистра судоходства и Сертификата Морского Регистра судоходства.

Building yachts

The universal hull CALYPSO designed by us, V-shaped (21 degrees) with the presence or absence of transverse redans, allows us to talk about an exclusive in our product line, since the yachts in this hull are not shy of 100 mile crossings through the atolls of the Maldives and Seychelles the qualities tested in the Black Sea area amazed and delighted local specialists.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing our strict adherence to the entire technological chain in the production process, which is confirmed by the presence of appropriate documents for all manufactured products in the form of the Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Certificate of the Maritime Register of Shipping.

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