Two boats for sea taxis were purchased in Sochi

Sochi has bought two boats for public sea transportation. Sea traffic between the settlements of the city of Sochi will open next summer. The Mayor of Sochi, Aleksey Kopaygorodsky, announced the purchase of high-speed vessels in his official telegram channel. He also published photos of sea boats that will be engaged in passenger transportation in the city. Each of these boats has a capacity of twenty passengers.

“They will be equipped with air conditioners, toilet rooms and comfortable aviation-type seats,” Kopaygorodsky told his subscribers.

The mayor of the city said that the boats will move from the seaport of Sochi in two directions: to the Imeretinsky resort and to Lazarevskoye. The second direction, in the opinion of residents, is very important, since in summer serious traffic jams accumulate on the only highway connecting areas Sochi. First of all, this concerns the passes leading to the villages of Loo and Vardane. Now some of the residents and guests of Sochi will be able to drive around these traffic jams by sea.

The issue of reviving the sea taxi was raised before the Sochi authorities during a big press conference by the city’s mayor last fall. Kopaygorodsky promised to work out this issue and talk about how things will move in this direction. Today, January 15, the mayor announced the purchase of high-speed sea vessels.

A sea taxi is organized in Sochi by a private investor who bought ships and spent money on ticket services.

The first test voyages of the new type of transport should take place in May 2021, said Anna Nevzorova, head of Metropolis Group. This company is an investor in the sea taxi project in Sochi.


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